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OCT. 28-NOV. 10, 2020

With the most partisan vote in modern history closer to a presidential election than any prior confirmation, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judge and Notre Dame law professor Amy Coney Barrett ascended to the United States Supreme Court. As Indiana voters go to the polls, they'll be deciding on judges in any number of ways. And as Indiana welcomed 337 new lawyers to the profession, experts say new lawyers and law students are increasingly seeking to make change in their legal careers.

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Barrett ascends to high court

The newest — and youngest — justice ascended to the nation’s highest court just shy of three years after her confirmation to the federal bench from the classrooms of her alma mater, the University of Notre Dame Law School.

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A Hamilton County community champion: Legendary Lawyer Douglas Church

In a career that has spanned 50 years, Douglas Church not only developed his own private practice but also played an integral role in the blossoming of Hamilton County. He served as attorney for the town of Fishers from 1980 through 2015 and for the city of Noblesville from 1988 through 1996, helping those communities formulate and implement strategies for growth.

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User-friendly data: Lawyer-technologists launch new software to address e-discovery problems

A developer of software that comprehensively tracks e-discovery progress in real time describes his team’s inspiration this way: “What we tried to do was take away some of the barriers because people go to law school to be lawyers not to learn software or how to put together Excel spreadsheets … We wanted to create something that was the path of least resistance for people. They just log in and get all the critical information they need.”

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Decisions change double jeopardy analysis, create questions

Recent Indiana Supreme Court decisions changed the tests to prove claims of double jeopardy. Lawyers say it will take time to know the true impact of these rulings, which the Court of Appeals has already applied in  multiple decisions, and there’s a likelihood the Legislature could get involved in response to the decisions.

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New and soon-to-be lawyers chart a different course in uncertain times

The uncertainty of the times is heightening the worry and stress among law students and new lawyers, but career counselors say the people just entering the legal profession are doing more to confront the issues of the day. They are discussing ways to solve injustices and inequities, pursuing jobs in the public sector and carefully evaluating law firms to determine if they share the same values.

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Crabtree: A healthy dose of humility never hurt anyone

The last thing Indiana Lawyer readers need is a new attorney giving them tips, best practices and pitfalls to avoid. So as a new attorney, I will instead tell a story about humility — something that any person can (and should) experience at any time in their life. I received a large dose of it after I was sworn in as an attorney.

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Collins: New associates: Step one — develop your skills

Many of you recently passed the state bar exam and were sworn in to practice law within the last couple of months. I was in your shoes one year ago and will now impart some of the “knowledge” I have learned in my first year as a lawyer. It is up to you to decide if what I have learned is helpful to you or if I am full of it.

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Schilling: Legal workplace strategy in the era of COVID-19

After COVID-19, law firms must rethink what the office environment can deliver better than the experience of working remotely. What can the future law firm office do better? How can tomorrow’s law firm office improve connection and interaction, encourage collaboration, and provide modern, convenient services?

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Letter to the editor: Courteous and professional? We can do better

I generally cannot go but a few weeks without having a phone call with opposing counsel littered with interruptions. I can tell you several names of opposing counsel who have simply hung up on me (most of the time, they are the ones who called in the first place). … Candidly, this is all purely anecdotal. However, I can tell you that, unfortunately, every instance involved behavior conducted by a male attorney.

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IndyBar Sections and Divisions Need You: Apply to Serve on a Committee!

Each year, the IndyBar offers hundreds of educational programs, social events and opportunities for community involvement, all while introducing new resources and services to serve members of the legal profession. None of these important contributions would be possible without the work of many lawyers, paralegals and law students behind the scenes on section and division executive committees.

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IndyBar: Start Gifting with IndyBar’s Giving!

For 2020 (and likely 2021,) in lieu of the annual gala, the IndyBar Foundation will host an online holiday auction: IndyBar’s Giving. This special event will take place during the week of Thanksgiving in an effort to kick-start holiday shopping and get members into the holiday spirit.

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DTCI: Looking forward to simple pleasures whenever we return to normal

As I write this article, my thoughts are focusing on the future and what I anticipate doing again when we return to normal — whatever that normal may be. Some who know me — and especially my wife — know that I am more of a “half-empty glass” than a “half-full glass” person. However, with an optimistic eye, I will look forward to what the future may be when we return to normal.

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