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APRIL 1-14, 2020

As Hoosiers and the nation embraced a new normal, established and new law firms are working through it, with some scrambling to practice remotely. The coronavirus pandemic has led law enforcement to turn to summonses for misdemeanor offenders, putting into practice a proposal that stalled at the Statehouse. And when the world returns to normal, two attorneys who turned their love of roller hockey into a league will return to the bonds of skates, friendship and beer.

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Legislation on summonses revisited amid pandemic

Legislation that would have favored summons over jail time for low-level misdemeanors didn’t pass the Indiana Senate, but in light of COVID-19 restrictions, the Indiana Supreme Court urged trial courts to take a similar approach. Local law enforcement seems to be following suit to keep inmates at low risk for exposure.

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Trimble: Legal profession is on front line of coronavirus crisis

Gov. Eric Holcomb’s stay-at-home order exempted a variety of occupations that were deemed by the governor to be “essential.” To the surprise of many lawyers, the legal profession was designated as essential. We will be allowed to continue working because the contributions we make to our communities are more necessary than ever in this time of anxiety and upheaval.

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Quick: The law and COVID-19: Virtual connections

When I started writing this article, it was to be about the usefulness of apps for attorneys and law offices. Since then, the world has dramatically changed, and most lawyers have realized that it is now a high priority to find ways to work with clients virtually.

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Plews and Gotwald: Take a look at your insurance if you’re impacted by COVID-19

Indiana insurance coverage law is among the best in the country for policyholders. It is worth digging into your policies — or better yet, having an experienced coverage lawyer do the digging for you — to see to what extent they cover these unexpected losses. At least five different types of policies might respond to losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Disciplinary Actions

Read which Indiana attorneys have been reprimanded or suspended from the practice of law during the most recent reporting period.

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IndyBar President’s Column: Find the Good!

There is no doubt that keeping up a remote law practice in a precarious economy has been challenging — clients are eagerly trying to find ways to manage their legal budgets, and there is a constant stream of legal updates, alerts and webinars to draft and read (including from the IndyBar!) But, there has been exceptional good professionally as well.

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IndyBar: Top Resolutions for Family Law Attorneys for 2020

The IndyBar Family Law Section mission is, “the Family Law Section believes we have the collective ability to shape the practice of family law. Every day we strive to change the status quo for family law attorneys because there is a better way.” How can we avoid ratcheting up the emotion? How can we be the calm in the storm?

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