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JUNE 22-JULY 5, 2022

We lead off this issue with Indiana's biggest legal news of the moment: the announcement that current Court of Appeals of Indiana Judge Derek Molter will become the state's next Supreme Court justice. Indiana Lawyer reporter Katie Stancombe dives into Molter's background and what his appointment means for the future of the high court. Meanwhile, IL managing editor Jordan Morey takes a look back at the evolution of veterans courts in Indiana as the state's first vets courts marks its 10-year anniversary. Plus, we have a double-header in this issue's Focus, covering both Indiana's new laws and updates in the world of manufacturing and industry. Read those stories and more in the June 22-July 5, 2022, issue of Indiana Lawyer.

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Decade of service: Indiana marks 10 years of veterans courts

A decade after the first veterans court opened in Floyd County, there are now 28 veterans courts statewide, according to the Indiana Supreme Court. On May 10, at the Ogle Hall auditorium on Ivy Tech Community College’s Sellersburg campus, the first veterans court celebrated its 10th anniversary along with a ceremony honoring its newest cohort of graduates.

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Fight for COVID interruption coverage continues

Attorneys representing businesses fighting their insurance carriers over interruption insurance claims are continuing to argue over the meaning of “physical loss and damage,” but some are also contending that the losses linked to COVID-19 are covered when the policy does not contain a virus exclusion provision.

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Harrell & Oriola: 5 steps for implementing measurable ESG strategy

The immense amount of work to achieve carbon “net zero” or “net negative” milestones is a global Rubik’s Cube and means that we cannot afford the luxury of perfection. Perfectionism in sustainability is unsustainable. Yet implementing the “good” instead of waiting for the “perfect” — especially in the fast-paced and sometimes ambiguous world of environmental, social and governance (ESG) — is not easy.

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Dreyer: For judges, reform is the norm: Our requirements

There was a time, not so long ago, when judges were “potted plants.” The judicial role was widely reserved, somewhat withdrawn, apart from public statement or positions, and any work to change the legal system was considered improper. Changing standards and challenging times seem to have changed all that.

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Indybar: Throw Out ‘Throw Out’

Our subject today is the ubiquitous, but seemingly ingrained and unchallenged, use of phrases such as “throw out,” “threw out,” “tossed” and “tossed out” to describe certain decisions of courts of all kinds and at all levels. In years past, the blame lay chiefly with reporters and news outlets. Today, of course, such short shrift is the medium of not only journalists (sadly) but also bloggers, social media influencers and, worst of all, regular folks, into whose everyday vocabulary these lazy and frankly damaging shortcuts have crept. Colleagues, it is up to us to do our part to end this scourge!

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Indybar: You Already Didn’t Like Text Messages as Evidence

Earlier this month, Apple announced the latest update to the operations system that’s installed on your iPhone. Apple calls it iOS 16 (iPhone Operating System 16). After you read this post, Apple and iOS 16 may be off your holiday card list. If iOS 16 was a friend, some might consider canceling dinner plans with them. You might even unfriend them on Facebook.

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